Hey there!
It’s soooo freaking hot inside in my room! I really need to go outside, because sitting inside is almost unbearable, haha. Kinda sucks, ’cause I do need to do a lot of work, which I can only do inside on my laptop. Ooh well, luckily I have still almost 3 months of summer vacation to be outside, yay! I’m still a kinda ill, but I’m not gonna worry about it too much. Today I got my grade back for one of my subjects, ‘Juridische Onderzoeksvaardigheden 1′. We had to write an annotation and other stuff, and my final grade was a 8. I’ve been expecting it, and I know that it is a good grade, but now I HAVE to have a 9 for Criminal Law, otherwise I won’t finish this year suma cum laude… So nerve wracking, ’cause I need to wait till the 20th of June for my mark… Anyways, this outfit is actually not the outfit that I wore today, but a couple weeks back. It’s wayyyy too hot to wear long jeans today! So yeah, let’s go to the outfit :).

This ootd is actually inspired by Alexander Wang. The bag that I’m wearing is a Alexander Wang Rocco duffle bag knock off and I’m wearing this flannel the same way as some of his models wore a blouse during his S/S 2014 collection. I thought it was a pretty unique way to wear a flannel. Only close the upper buttons, and leave the rest open. I think it’s a bit sexy, but you’re still not showing too much, especially if you wear something highwaisted underneath it. It’s kinda like a croptop right?
The knock off bag is from Hippe Hebbedingetjes. It’s really old, so I don’t think you can get it there anymore. The oversized flannel is from Zara. My diy ripped jeans are from H&M, as well as my black monster sandals. Jewellery wise I’m wearing some knucklerings from H&M and my daily armcandy.
I don’t have a lot to say anymore. I’m gonna go outside now (finally haha), ’cause I need to do some grocery shopping and buy a present for my grandma’s birthday. After that I think I’m gonna do a little cruisings on my mini cruiser + sunbathing. And in the evening I have danceclass. What are you upto today?
xo Lilia


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