Hi there!
5-1 for Holland, yayyy! Spain, suck our dick (sorry for all my Spanish readers, haha)! I’m totally not a football fanatic, but 5-1, my god, what an amazing job! I didn’t watch the whole game, but what I saw was so good! I also got some other big news today, I got an 8 the subject ‘Juridische Onderzoeksvaardigheden 1′ and a 8 for Criminal Law. And yeah, that sounds good, but I was soooo sad, ’cause now my general grade is a 8,8. Which means that it’s not summa cum laude anymore, only cum laude. I feel so sad thinking about it… I worked so hard the whole year, and now I didn’t reach my goals. But I’m not gonna accept it yet. On the 23rd of June you have the option to look at your answers of the exam and check if everything is correct and stuff. I’m gonna annoy the teachers until I have a 8,5, so I will end up with a 9. Then my general grade will be a 9! So guys, keep sending me that positive vibes, ’cause I’m not gonna fight until I end up finishing this year summa cum laude!

I wanted to go for a really oldskool vibe with this outfit. Turtle neck, big gold chain, oversized denim jacket… So nineties haha! I love that era though, I think the fashion at that time was so cool and swaggy haha! I think I would fit perfectly in that time (of course, I’m a nineties kid already ’94!). Just look at my hair, it’s so big, curly and messy, perfect Grease hair right?!
I’m wearing my dip dyed denim jacket from Asos. It’s from the special Petite line (yay for special clothing for little people lol), so that’s why it looks perfectly oversized on me. Underneath the jacket I’m wearing a cropped turtleneck from River Island. The jeans I’m wearing are from H&M and I’m ripped them myself. I rolled up the bottoms, because I think that looked better with this outfit. I added a big gold chain from Primark and my armswag. For shoes I’m wearing my beloved Nike Janoski’s.
I’m pretty tired now, so that’s it for today’s post. Except for this big announcement: I HAVE A FUCKING CANON 70D! My mom got it for me, because I officially got my propedeuse cum laude and hopefully suma cum laude (sorry, only Dutch people will understand what propedeuse is) and because I’m gonna make videos for her firm as well and she wanted that I filmed it with a good camera instead of my iPhone. So guys, expect amazing videos coming soon on my channel! I’m soooo excited for this, you don’t even know!
xo Lilia


  1. June 14, 2014 / 13:25

    Jammer van je cijfer, hoop dat je er nog iets aan kan doen! 🙂

  2. June 16, 2014 / 14:10

    Wow, knap hoor dat je je propedeuse cum laude hebt gehaald! Kan
    je echt trots op zijn! En zo’n beloning is zeker niet verkeerd haha!
    Je outfit is trouwens heel mooi! <3


    • June 20, 2014 / 08:16

      dankjewel, echt lief van je! ik hoop stiekem dat het nog summa cum laude wordt, haha… en nog een x bedankt haha 🙂 xo

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