Hi guys!
How are you? Today is my huge cleaning day. My room was so dirty, now I’m finally making it all nice and clean again, yay! I don’t mind cleaning at all, I actually kinda enjoy it. Only thing is that it’s pretty tiring. I’m also kinda tired, because I had an intense dance class yesterday, after that I went out with a friend of mine and came home late. Today I have my Honours College Gala, so I’m gonna have a late night again. I don’t mind at all haha, so much fun :). So yeah, after cleaning all this, I’m gonna shower really long and do my make up and hair! And by the way, I’m editing a summer fashion haul for you as well and I’m also gonna film a summer beauty haul and my home tour. Yes, finally a home tour! I know, you’ve been waiting pretty long for it, but I wanted to wait for my new camera + some last decoration pieces. And now everything is done! So I think I’m going to film it on Friday, maybe Saturday. Stay tuned! Ooh and by the way, you can participate here in my festival kit giveaway!

Who said you can’t wear sweaters in the summer? I love to wear light knits when it’s hot outside, because I think the combination of long sleeves + shorts looks really cute.
I’m wearing a loose, light pink sweater from Brandy Melville. It’s so comfy and soft! I paired it with these baggy, ripped, high waisted shorts from Pull & Bear. I feel like P&B makes the most amazing shorts, they never disappoint me! Because the shorts are a bit too big for me, I wore them with this belt from Wrangler. So random actually, I never wear belts, I don’t know why. I’m really glad I found this belt laying in my closet though, because I think it’s the thing that ties this outfit together!
We took the pictures at this white church. It was really peaceful and a beautiful day, so I felt blessed to be able to take photos with my best friend. It’s the little things right…
Finally, you can see my earrings properly in a picture, haha! Here I’m wearing a gold earcuff from Forever 21 that I absolutely love. It makes me wanna get more piercings, haha. The little gold stud is from H&M, the triagle is from Forever 21 and the gold cross is from River Island. I think they look really pretty together.
I’m also wearing my dainty necklaces. The first 3 are from H&M, the turtle was a gift and the crystal is from Brandy Melville. I’m also wearing (knuckle)rings from H&M, my favourite :). And of course I topped it of with my daily armswag! By the way, the lipstick that I’m wearing is MAC All Fired Up.
For shoes, I’m wearing these pretty white snakeskin slipons from River Island. Despite the fact they aren’t heels or something, they hurt my feet, still (even though I had them for a while!). I just need to put on preventive bandaids, so I won’t get blisters (as quickly). I hope they will get more comfortable with time, because they look so amazing!
Unfortunately the sweater that I’m wearing ripped in the washing machine. I cut a small piece of loose string of, but I think I wasn’t careful enough. There’s now a huuuge hole in this sweater. At first I was like nooooo I like it so much, but then I thought, well why the hell not rip it up? So I added a shitload of holes to it, and now it looks pretty edgy and cool. So guys, if one of your favourite tops is ruined, don’t be sad, just diy something out of it :). And yes, I’m going to make an ootd with the ‘updated’ version of this sweater as well, haha.

Having too much fun while taking pictures, haha…

I hope you enjoyed this outfit of the day. It’s really simple, but there’s still something interesting about it I feel. What are you doing tonight? Hope you’re partying as well, let’s turn up this shit haha!

xo Lilia
P.S. Have you already seen the new picture of me at the About Me page? Do you recognize it? 😉

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