OMG. I had danceclass yesterday from 8 till fucking 11 in the evening. 3 hours of dancing!? It was soooooo tiring, oh my. I literally feel tired in every inch of my body. Yes, that’s possible. So I was way too tired to write blogpost, that’s why I’m doing it now, a bit later, sorry! Today I’m gonna finish editing my new video (yay!) and edit some pictures for upcoming blogposts. I also need to do some work for my mom and take a super long shower, haha. And maybe I’m going to film a video for you guys today, maybe even 2! So stay tuned for that :). I also need to practice my choreos for danceclass, because our show is on Sunday… Yes, busy yet fun schedule for today!

On Wednesday I had prom (or gala? Do you use that word also in English, haha?) for Honours students. I already had a prom for the whole university, but this one was especially for the nerds, haha. I actually bought another dress that I wanted to wear to this prom, but I went this one, because most of my friends said they prefered this one (yes peer pressure haha). The dress that I bought is still really pretty and I know I will be able to wear it soon :).
The croptop that I’m wearing is from H&M. I really love the mesh detailing at top and bottom. I think the bottom part makes it look really cool (usually tops like this only have mesh at the top). When I saw this croptop, I immediately thought that it would look amazing with this midiskirt from Zara, because it also has mesh details. The material of both the skirt and the top is pretty thick, so it looked like it was a real two piece. I’ve been searching for cute two pieces for ages, so I was really happy that I ‘made’ my own. The shoes that I’m wearing are from H&M. I don’t think they are the best shoes with this outfit. I think they’re really pretty, but I feel like other shoes would look better with the outfit. The reason why I still wore them is because they’re so freaking comfortable! So they are my go to going out heels haha. Jewellery wise I’m wearing rose gold earrings from H&M that you cannot see (long hair don’t care) and my daily armswag.
I curled my hair in this picture with a CHI straightner and I smoked out my eyes a bit + put on some dramatic fake lashes. I definitely gonna wear this outfit with some sneakers or chunky sandals as well, to make it more day time proof. Anyways, I’m gonna go now, my food is almost ready and I’m also almost done with uploading a new video! Have a nice day lovelies!
xo Lilia


  1. June 28, 2014 / 06:01

    De croptop staat je fantastisch, leuk gecombineerd zo!

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