Hi you!
Posting late is becoming a habit now… I really need to start using my time more effectively, because I feel like I don’t use my precious time 100% right. If you know what I mean. I’m already making more ‘strict’ to do lists. It helps, but I still haven’t done all of the things that I wanted today. Oh well, I don’t wanna stress about it too much, it’s vacation you know. But one of the things that I feel kinda bad about, is that I have loads of blogposts waiting for you, and even more ideas for blogposts as well, but I just don’t have the time to make them! Aaarghh, so frustrating. But tomorrow, I promise, I’m gonna try to finish my first review :). Not gonna say what’s it about yet! Anyways, let’s talk about this post, outfit of the day it is!

I’m wearing my trouble maker croptop from Brandy Melville. I can say that it’s already one of my all time favourite shirts ever. I just feel like a fucking badass wearing it. It’s black and white, it’s cropped, it’s freaking soft… What else could you possible wish for right? Yeah Brandy Melville, you hit the spot again with this one, you made a perfect tee!
The baggy jeans I’m wearing is actually a very old pair of G-Star jeans. It’s kinda funny, because when I bought them (read: 4 years ago), baggy jeans weren’t popular at all. This model of baggy jeans is also a bit different from the model that you find nowadays in stores. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s less tapered and has a bit more of OG hiphop gangsta swag to it. Yeah, I like that shit. I rolled the bottoms up, because I think that looks better with the shoes I’m wearing.
For shoes, I’m wearing my beloved monster sandals from Duffy that I got at Nelly. I think they look amazing paired with the rolled up, baggy jeans. And damn, they’re so comfy! I can literally walk around the whole day in them without feeling any pain.
Jewellery wise, I wanted to stick with the Brandy girl theme, so I went for 2 necklaces from Brandy Melville. It’s a crystal and a green gem. Really pretty! I’m also wearing my F21 earcuff and earrings from River Island, F21 & H&M. And my daily armcandy of course!
I hope you enjoyed this outfit of the day. I’m going to make dinner now (yes really late) and clean my room a bit. Or a big bit haha, because it’s one hell of a mess. Talk to you later babes (and dudes, if you’re reading this haha)!
xo Lilia


  1. July 9, 2014 / 08:12

    Wat een coole outfit, het staat je erg goed! Je hebt een leuk stijl 🙂

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