Hi guys!
Today I’m going to start with something real fun. The next 3 days I’m going to post not 1, but 2 outfits a day. Like what?! As I said before, I have a lot of posts, especially ootds, for you. So I kinda need to get ‘rid’ of them, because I don’t like posting old outfits. It feels kinda strange to say ‘outfit of the day’, while you wore the outfit weeks (even months!) back. So I thought it would be fun to post the outfits I wore in Barcalona during the day and during the night on the same day here on my blog. I’ll be uploading the day outfit during the afternoon and the night outfit during the evening. Keep in mind, the night outfit is just a lil’ extra post, I took the pics with my iPhone 5 and I won’t make the posts really long. But still, 2 posts to look forward to every day, yay!

Because we wandered around the city the whole day, I knew the perfect shoes to wear were these Nike Janoskis. They’re the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn and I really like how they look, with this outfit in particular. They go perfectly with the black and white scheme.
We took some photos at this random church we found near our hotel. I really like the colouring of it, I feel like it matches my hair, haha. It gives that Mediterranean, summery vibe, don’t you think?
The bag that I’m wearing is from Brandy Melville. It’s the perfect bag for vacation, because it fits my camera and a bunch of other stuff like a lil’ make up bag and my wallet, without being to bulky. I love the studding at the bottom as well. It’s a total Alexander Wang knock off, which is only a plus for me, because I love him!
The sunglasses that I’m wearing are from River Island and I got them previous year. They are my most expensive pair of sunglasses, because usually I don’t spend more than €5 on a pair. I always break them, so why investing in a expensive pair right? I love how they go together with this outfit, I think they look great with the warm tones of this outfit.
I’m wearing this Alexander Wang inspired top from Primark. Yeah, I thought I would stay in the knock off Alexander Wang theme. I love the mesh detailing, because it gives a sporty vibe to the look. Because of mesh detailing you can still see some of my skin/figure through the tee, so the oversized fit of the tee isn’t swallowing me, because I’m so small. And of course, the parental advisory explicit content text is just pure badassness.
You can’t really see them, but trust me: I’m wearing shorts. They’re my black high waisted shorts from Levi’s that I thrifted and studded myself. Definitely my favourite pair of shorts that I own!
I’m also rocking this 5panel from Obey. Lately I’ve been loving wearing it, don’t know why. When I got it, I wasn’t completely happy with how it looked on me, but now I’m totally obsessing over the fact how it matches my hair perfectly. And I just really like the leopard print and the leather strap!
Jewellery wise, I’m rocking my rose gold chain (with tag) from H&M that I haven’t worn in ages. I’ve been so into dainty necklaces, that I kinda forgot about my swagged out chains, despite the fact I love them so much. I’m also wearing my daily armcandy and some rosegold and gold (knuckle)rings from H&M.
These last two pictures are taken at La Rambla in Barcelona. Such a lively and cool area! I especially like the last picture, I think it turned out pretty well :). Only thing is that you have to look out for pickpockets. I didn’t get robbed luckily, but I heard a million stories of people who were. So be careful!
Anyways, that’s not it for today, haha (I wanted to say ‘that’s it for today’, but then I realized it wasn’t true)! I’ll see ya tonight with an ootn (outfit of the night). Have a good day lovelies!
xo Lilia


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