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One of my best read and personal favourite article was my home tour (click here if you haven’t read it!). I just really enjoyed showing you a bit of my personal life and style. I wanted to do something similar, but I just couldn’t think of something, I’ve already showed everything there is in my room, haha! So then I thought, well, I have a lot of other stuff I can show to you! And one of those things, that I’m going to show you today, is my perfume collection. I wear perfume every day. I love smelling nice and I just like spraying on perfume. I know, it sounds kinda strange, but I just love it when you spray on your perfume, and you can smell the goodness, haha. With that being said, I’m not very into perfumes. I have a lot of perfumes, but most of them were gifts from many previous years. I wouldn’t mind if my perfume collection would shrink a bit. That’s why I’m trying to finish a lot of them, because most of them I wouldn’t repurchase. I have only a few favourites that I will buy over and over again. So yeah, although I wear perfume everyday, and I have a lot of them, I’m not a perfume junkie (my mom though, she’s the biggest perfume hoarder there is, I think she has like 60 perfumes or something, it’s cray cray haha). Well enough rambling, leggo!

This are all my perfumes. I have 13 (!) of them. I know, that’s a lot haha. Or I feel like that’s a lot. I bet that there are a lot of other beauty junkies (like my mom haha) who have a lot more, but I feel like this is already a bit too much. I think my goal is to have a maximum of 5 perfumes or something like that. I feel like that’s enough for me. So yeah, I need to finish 7 of them haha.

It’s important that you keep your perfumes in a dark place, otherwise they change their fragrance. I know, they look so pretty as decoration, but it’s just not good for the perfume itself. You can keep your empty perfume bottles and use them as decoration then, if you want. I keep my perfumes in this mirrored cabinet in my bathroom. I recommend something like this if you want to keep your fragrances in good condition. I have a lot of perfumes that are very old, and they still smell the same. You can also see a little sneakpeak of all my skincare products, haha.

Now I’m going to talk about each of my perfume differently. I don’t like reading articles about perfumes if I’m honest, because they’re usually only about the notes and shit like that. And that kinda bores me haha, because you just can’t know if you like a perfume until you smelled it on your own skin. So I won’t talk about that shit. The only thing I can say is that I really like both of these perfumes, they’re one of my favourites. The pink one is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and it’s a bit more girly and sweet than Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche. It’s still very Chanel sophisticated, which I love. I like smelling sweet, but I don’t like smelling too sweet, because I think that smells very cheap and immature. So if you’re looking for a sweet, yet grown up smell, you need to try this one. Eau Fraîche is more citrus-y and fresh, it smells like a feminine version of the citrus-y perfumes guys wear, haha. I like them both, but Eau Tendre is my favourite.

These are all my Victoria’s Secret perfumes (or actually body mists, but I use them the same way). My favourite perfume at the moment is Victoria’s Secret Angel. I’ve repurchased this one 3 times (!). I finished the small bottle, I bought a new one, and I bought the huge bottle in Dubai. So this baby is gonna last a while haha. It smells sweet, fresh and girly and it reminds me a bit of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, but I like this one a bit more, don’t know why. It’s also a mature scent, despite the sweetness. The one next to them, Victoria’s Secret Heartbreaker is also nice, but there’s something about the smell what I don’t like. So I don’t wear it that often. The little bottle is Victoria’s Secret Bombshell. Miniatures always look so cute, don’t you think? This one is a bit sweeter than most of my perfumes, sometimes a bit too sweet for my taste. I still like it though, but I only use it when I’m a trip, because it’s so handy to carry with you.

These two are my summer perfumes. The yellow one is the Biotherm Eau Vitaminée. This perfume is very nostalgic to me. When I was little, I was obsessed with Biotherm, especially this perfume. When my mom and I went on a holiday and we waited in the Duty Free shops, I would always smell this perfume and get an instant summer/vacation feeling. Many years after that, my mom gave it to me as a present. So it’s the perfect vacation scent to me! It smells very citrus-y and fresh, which I love. The other one is The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited  Sun Fresh and it was a limited edition. I got it for ‘free’, because I got some credits from The Body Shop for my bday. It’s smells nice, very summery as well, but it’s not my favourite. I do love the bottle though, it feels very nice in your hands.

One of my favourite perfume packaging is Cacharel Scarlett. I love the lace cap and the colour combination white-coral. The smell is very out there. It’s sweet, but it has a hint of something strange in it, I don’t know what exactly, haha. So I like it, but sometimes it’s a bit too sweet for me. I wore this perfume a lot during my last years in high school, so I always think about those years when I wear this perfume. The other one is Bvlgari Eau Perfumée au Thé Rouge. This perfume smells literally as the most delicious tea you’ve ever had. I’m not a huge tea lover, but I love the smell of nice black earl grey tea. And this one smells exactly like that, only a bit sweeter and as a perfume, haha. I know, it sounds very strange, but it is a wonderful smell. I don’t wear it that often, because it’s discontinued. But if you want to smell a bit more unique, without smelling to strong, I really recommend this one.

And these are my last perfumes. They’re a bit more heavy than my other ones. The 2 black ones are Vanillary from Lush. The little one is a solid perfume, the other one is a regular spray. They smell, like the name already suggests, like a sweet vanilla. I like the smell of vanilla, but I think vanilla fragrances often are too heavy and strong. This one on the other hand is relatively light, which I like. The other one is the most heavy perfume I own, and it was a gift from my best friend for my bday this year. It’s Versace Crystal Noir. Although it’s not something I usually go for, I do really like it. I only wear it on days that I want to feel like a Miss Independent haha, or if I’m going to a restaurant or something like that. It smells also kinda vanilla-ish, but way more heavy.

I love fresh, citrus-y and sweet perfumes, that are still mature. So if you like the same kind of perfumes, I especially recommend you trying Victoria’s Secret Angel and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. If you like really citrus smelling perfumes, you should try Biotherm Eau Vitaminée and Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche. And if you like vanilla perfumes, I recommend Vanillary by Lush.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my perfumes, and won’t find it very boring (as I usually do reading about perfumes haha). If you did find it very boring to read, I hope you enjoyed the pictures, perfume bottles are so photogenic I think.So yeah, have nice day guys!
xoxo Lilia


  1. September 2, 2023 / 20:46

    thanks for sharing your blog, perfume is an emotion. I love to use fragrance types of perfume like Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Versace, Blue de Channel, and so on.

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