Photography is one of my biggest passions. Following my mother's footsteps as an architect turned visual marketeer & photographer herself, I grew up brainstorming branding ideas for clients, spotting photoshoot locations, and trying to make everything look beautiful. As an online content creator with five years of experience, I developed my photography skills, and have built my online presence into a successful lifestyle brand with over 300.000 dedicated followers. I have worked with many well-known, as well as local and niche brands and businesses in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food & travel industry, such as Too Faced Cosmetics, H&M, Bloomingdales, Mrs. Meyers, Revolve, Skillshare, and Accor Hotels.

My social media expertise is founded in her passion for digital content creation. As a first year law student, I turned her daily hobby into a creative career. After graduating from my LL.M. at the George Washington University Law School, I decided to pursue my creativity full-time. My talents are social media branding, creating engaging content and photography, and developing social media platforms into a brand and solid community. I have both the experience of being a social media influencer, as well as running an online brand - her stationery webshop called Supplied by Lily.

I specialize in food & product photography, portraiture & social media content creation, but are open to any exciting opportunities!  I'm a Los Angeles-based photographer, but able to shoot clients all over the world. Feel free to reach out for any social media content creation or photography request at

Social media photography shoot for Coffee Attic Los Angeles

Social Media Content Creation, Styling & Photography for Christmas Collection of Too Faced Cosmetics

Website & Social Media Photography for J'ai of Beverly Hills

Instagram Re-branding & Photography shoot for Dose of Roses Beverly Hills

Want to hire me as a photographer for your next shoot? Feel free to reach out for any social media content creation, photography, or videography request at