Me + false lashes equals Bonnie & Clyde. I literally can’t live without them. I guess I’m real lash addict. That’s why I was really excited when I recieved some lovely Ardell false lashes from They have a webshop that sells a lot of pretty falsies + glue. I’ve never tried Ardell lashes before, but I heard great things about them. A lot of my favourite make-up gurus always use them, so I literally couldn’t wait to try them out myself. I recieved 3 pairs, so if you wanna know my opinion about them, keep reading!

I picked out 3 pairs of lashes. The Ardell Beauties, Demi Luvies and Wispies. The Beauties looked very natural, so I wanted to see if I liked them as my ‘everyday lashes’. The Demi Luvies have a little cat eye thingie going on, which I love. Lastly, the Wispies looked very unique and I knew that a lot of beauty bloggers loved wearing these. The lashes all come in plastic, re-usable boxes, but without any glue.


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLREVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLI always like to start off reviews ‘natural’. That’s why I always show you how my lashes look without any falsies on, just my regular eye make-up and mascara. This way you can see the impact of falsies way better. I know, I’m pretty blessed with my lashes, but I love the extra drama that falsies add to my eyes. It’s something peeps that don’t wear fake lashes don’t understand, until they try it out themselves ;).


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NL The first pair of lashes that I’m going to show you are the Ardell Beauties. They don’t have a winged out effect, but the are a bit shorter and the beginning and end, which makes your lashes appear really fluttery. I immediately noticed that the Ardell lashes have a different ‘angle’ to the lash band. It’s way more rounded, which makes it easier to stick it very closely to your natural lash line. Also, the band is pretty transparant, which makes it possible to wear lashes without liner. The band itself is also a bit more flexible than the other lashes that I own.


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLAnd this is the full face with the Ardell Beauties. Looks very natural right? Still, you can see the difference with my natural lashes. I’m definitely pleased with these lashes. They’re a bit more flexible than my other lashes, which makes cleaning them not as difficult (if the lash band is stiff, you can loose fibers pretty easily whenever your trying to clean them or remove them from your eyes). I can definitely re-wear them often.


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLNext up are the Ardell Demi Luvies. They look so different right?! The Demi Luvies have a cat eye effect, which elongates your eyes + lashes. I love that effect, because it makes my eyes look less round (I have really ‘doll-esque’ eyes, and I like to make them a bit more almond shaped’), but in a natural way – again. The lashes have the same transparant, flexible band, which makes them very easy to apply.


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLAnd this is how they look on ma face. They’re a bit more dramatic than the Beauties, but they are still wearable enough for your daily life. I think I like even more than the Beauties, just because I really dig the winged out effect that these lashes have. Definitely recommend them!


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLThe last pair of lashes that I’m going to show you today are the Wispies. They’re definitely the most ‘unique’ lashes, because I’ve never seen any falsies that have the same flirty and fluttery (haha) effect as these ones. I understand why all the beauty gurus have been wearing these babies. They are pretty visible, but still feminine and not too overwhelming.


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLI love how these lashes look! They are very full and bring all the attention to your eyes. Despite the fact that the Wispies don’t have a winged out effect, they’re my favourite of the three! I think everybody needs a pair like these. How perfect are these lashes for first dates by the way, haha? They’re rather natural, but still add that va-va-voom to your eyes that makes every guy fall for ya ;).


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLI made this little collage for ya, so you can see the different lashes properly. Which pair is your fave? I’ve noticed that you love photo collages like this one, so I’m going to make them more often from now on!


REVIEW: ARDELL LASHES FROM LASHADDICT.NLDefinitely check it out if you want to buy some great lashes or lash glue (they sell Ardell, but also other falsie brands like Red Cherry). I’m definitely going to wear these Ardell lashes a lot, because they’re so easy to apply and look very natural. Especially the Wispies, I think they’re awesome. They’re already faves of mine and I would recommend them to anybody!

That’s it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed reading about these lashes and I will talk to you soon. If you’re wondering how I’m doing: I’m doing great. I’m just really happy that I have some free time to do stuff that isn’t related with uni and I can concentrate on chilling with my friends, updating my blog etc. It’s pretty refreshing haha. Only thing that I still need to work on is sleeping. I need to start sleeping way more than I do now, it’s such a problem! But yeah, have a great day guys!

xo Lilia



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      Dankjewel! xo

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  1. January 23, 2015 / 17:39

    Prachtige lashes! Ik vind de lashes van Ardell super fijn! XOXO
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