Today I’m going to talk about the Bobbi Brown Eye Cream. ‘Cause it’s the best eye cream I’ve ever tried, hands down. You’re probably thinking ‘okay why does anybody want to use a expensive eye cream. Eye cream. Isn’t a normal moisturizer enough?’. Well, I thought that as well. Until I tried this baby. This is actually my second pot of this eye cream. I had one a looong time ago that I got from my mom, because she didn’t like it (she has the most sensitive eyes, she can’t use a loooot of beauty products). I remember loving it then, but after I’ve finished it (it took a really long time, you don’t use a lot of product) I didn’t buy it again, because it was so expensive. And then my mom suddenly got a new one for me, yayy! And I totally get why I loved it so much then, ’cause it’s amazing!

It comes in a simple, white box. I really like the design though!
If you’re interested in the ingredients, here you go. It contains a lot of oils, which is a good thing! There’s also no perfume in it, which is also a plus for me.

And this is how the actual eye cream looks like. I think it looks so pretty! It’s also kinda heavy, which makes it seem more luxurious. Yup, definitely something that will look cute on your make-up table!

The inside! You can see that the eye cream is very thick. Your skin doesn’t soak it in immediately, which is a good thing: that way your undereye make-up, such as your concealer, will look more natural. It makes blending easier. It also has a nice, subtle scent.

Here you can see the consistency even better. Very thick! I don’t have dry under eyes, but if you struggle with that, definitely try this, ’cause it really moisturizes that area. I also feel like that my under eye area looks a bit less red (I have a strange red-ish spot on both sides of my eyes, and if I use this I feel like it makes it look better).

Okay don’t be scared, this is my make-upless face haha. As you can see I don’t really struggle with dark undereyes (even if I don’t sleep I don’t have them, guess I’m lucky!). I do have a little bit of a red-ish spot on the side of my eyes as I told you before. But you can’t really see it here, ’cause I think the cream makes it look better!

And this is how my eyes look with concealer + powder + mascara (I didn’t put any mascara on my bottom lashes, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see my under eyes very well haha). Looks way better huh? As I said before, this eye cream really moisturizes your undereyes, evens the colour out and works great with putting on make-up. This maybe doesn’t sound so amazing, but trust me: the feeling that you get when you put this on, is so relaxing, you almost feel like your undereyes are sucking up the cream. Lol that sounded weird haha. But now I’m totally addicted to this cream, I know that I’m going to buy a new one when this one is empty!
Anyways, I hope you found this review helpful, and I made you curious enough to try this cream out, ’cause trust me, you won’t regret it!
xoxo Lilia


  1. April 27, 2014 / 14:13

    I’ve heard about this too! Would love to try this product <3

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