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This is going to be one out of the many upcoming reviews that I have waiting for you. I’m going to start with reviewing this lipcombo that I discovered: MAC Naked lipliner and the Pure Zen lipstick. I don’t know about you, but I loooove buying MAC lipsticks. I don’t know, I’m not even a lipproduct kind of girl (I usually don’t wear anything on my lips), but I just get such a luxurious feeling every time I buy a MAC lipstick. Yeah, and I only have it with lipsticks from MAC. I have still 1 spot left on my vanity for a MAC lipstick, so if you have any recommendations for me, let me know in the comments below. Let’s go to the review now!


So yeah, I bought the MAC Pure Zen lipstick, which has a cremesheen finish and the MAC Naked Lipliner. Naked is really a nude colour, while Pure Zen is more of a light peachy colour. Because Pure Zen is a cremesheen, it doesn’t last that long on your lips and it ‘moves’. You have to keep checking your lips if you don’t want any weird smudges or something. Luckily it’s a pretty neutral colour, so if you don’t have the time to check or you just forgot to do it, it isn’t that bad. Especially paired with the lipliner, because the lipliner makes the lipstick more long lasting.


I actually got inspired by this picture to buy a light peachy lipstick. Her lips look so amazing in this picture! Her Instagram is @Wsriquerida. She didn’t tell what her lipcombo was, so that’s why I decided to go to a MAC counter with this picture and try to find similar lipproducts. And I think I succeeded! It’s not an exact copy, but I still think it’s similar.


First I’m gonna talk about the Naked lipliner. The lipliner was €15.


This is how my lips look without anything on them (just a bit of lipbalm). I have really pigmented lips, so I need pretty opaque lipsticks if I want the colour to show. And yes, my lips aren’t totally even haha.


This is how the lipliner looks without the lipstick on. Really nude! Because the lipliner is pretty matte, it lasts a long time. It has a dry formula, but I don’t feel like it’s too drying on my lips or that it accentuates dry patches like crazy, as some lipproducts do. And that’s a big thing to say for me, because I usually have dry patches on my lips, really annoying. And I also like the fact that it is really pigmented. It’s hard to find pigmented nudes, so I’m happy I found this lipliner!


I could actually rock this nude lip as well, I would rub it in just a bit more and add some balm on top of it. But I think the colour is a really good nude for me. So yeah, I’m definitely recommending this lipliner, I can’t find anything bad about it.


Now onto the Pure Zen lipstick. The lipstick was €18.


This is how the lipstick looks over the Naked lipliner. Sooo pritty, don’t you think? It’s like the perfect peachy colour, not too orange-y, not too brown… I love it! And I think it’s similar to the lipcolour I was going for, don’t you think? The pigmentation of this lipstick is also really good, especially because it’s a pretty light/nude colour. The lipstick is really soft, so it feels moisturizing on your lips. As I said before, I have really dry lips, so this lipstick is perfect for me, because it works pretty well on fucked up lips, haha.


Full face! Looks good right? Only thing is that it doesn’t last that long, because it’s so moisturizing: it glides off your lips, if you know what I mean. So yeah, you need to check your lipstick during the day. Kinda annoying, but luckily this colour is so natural, so smudges aren’t that noticeable. And because it’s so soft, you will use it up quicker than dryer formulated lipsticks. With that being said, I’m still really happy that I bought this lipstick and I totally love it, despite the fact that it isn’t that long lasting.


I don’t know why, but I think this picture looks pretty cool. Haha.


I hope you enjoyed this review, and found it helpful! This is defo one of my favourite lipcombos already. I think it would look good on a lot of skintones, especially the lipstick. The lipliner is really light, so it won’t look as good on darker skintones on its on. But it is a really good lipliner if you want to nude out your lips before you put on another lipstick. The lipstick colour is amazing, it’s pigmented and really moisturizing, but it doesn’t last as long on your lips. I still recommend them both!


By the way, something fucking, fucking, FUCKING amazing happened today. I won tickets to Amsterdam Freaking Fashion Week! So I’m going to the Spijkers & Spijkers fashion show on Saturday with my bestie. SOOOOOO EXCITED! This is going to be my first time attending AFW, so I’m really pumped for it!

xo Lilia



  1. July 11, 2014 / 10:59

    Hele mooie nude tint! xx

  2. July 11, 2014 / 20:22

    Mooie tint die naar mijn mening erg goed bij je past.

  3. July 11, 2014 / 22:21

    Those are some good nude lipstuff! The lipstick really makes your lips look plumper and the lipliner is pretty invisible in a swift look!

  4. July 12, 2014 / 07:35

    staat je heel mooi! ik heb de pure zen lipstick ook maar dan in de limited edition uit de Marylin Monroe collectie, ik koop ‘m sowieso opnieuw in de gewone versie als hij op is want ik ben er ook echt dol op!

    • July 24, 2014 / 12:15

      ooh ik wist helemaal niet dat ie daar ook was uitgebracht! heeft zeker dan een erg mooie verpakking :). maar idd, hij is geweldig! xo

  5. July 12, 2014 / 09:28

    Wat een mooie kleur, staat je goed!

  6. July 13, 2014 / 11:25

    Wauw, die kleuren staan je super mooi! Leuke blog heb je 🙂
    Ik vond het ook erg leuk je te ontmoeten gister bij fashion week!(Gelukkig had je die tickets gewonnen!)
    Liefs, Bo

    • July 24, 2014 / 12:16

      dankjewel, ik vind jouw blog ook leuk! en leuk je ontmoet te hebben idd 🙂 xo

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