It’s been a while since I’ve done a MAC lip pencil review. I often get questions what lippie I’m rocking and well guys, most of the time this is it. I definitely prefer lip pencils over lipsticks, just because they last the whole day, the colours are really intense, they have matte finish and you can apply them more precisely. The lipliner that I’m going to review today is the MAC Spice lip pencil. This has been my go to lip colour lately, so I can’t wait to share this beaut with you. Leggo!



REVIEW: MAC SPICE LIP PENCILLet’s start off with the packaging, as always. I think MAC products look always very sleek and chique. I love their simplicity, because you know I’m a big sucker for minimalism. Can’t say anything bad about this lip pencil packaging wise.



REVIEW: MAC SPICE LIP PENCILNow it’s swatch time! As you can see, this colour is very pigmented. This is just one ‘sweep’ of lip pencil on my hand. Spice is a true cinnamon colour. It is very brown, but has a hit of orange and red to it. It’s also totally matte.




It’s always nice to see a before picture when it comes to lip swatches. This way you can compare it to your own lipcolour more easily. These are my lips without anything on them.




And this is after I applied the Spice lipliner. Ugh, I love this colour so freaking much! I think this is such a flattering and unique colour. This is a type of colour that would look good on a lot of skintones. I think girls with a darker skintone than me would rock this lipliner beautifully as well!


colour payoff

REVIEW: MAC SPICE LIP PENCILI think the colour payoff of this lip pencil is amazing. As I already told you, Spice is a very pigmented lippencil, despite the fact this colour still looks kind of like a ‘nude’ (it’s still quite neutral if you know what I mean). I don’t have to layer this lippencil at all, one coat is more than enough for an opaque lippy.



REVIEW: MAC SPICE LIP PENCILThe consistency of this lip pencil is a bit drying tho. I think that’s the only downside to wearing lipliners as lipstick. They do dry out your lips a bit + they can accentuate dry patches. Just make sure you always scrub your lips before you decide to wear a lipliner as a lipstick!



REVIEW: MAC SPICE LIP PENCILThis is how the lip liner looks on me with a full face. This has been my go to lip pencil these last couple of weeks and I think it is my favourite lip liner ever (yes, very big statement for me, haha!). I just think this colour looks very sophisticated yet kind of edgy at the same time. Just like me, haha.



REVIEW: MAC SPICE LIP PENCILThis lip pencil definitely deserves a big fat yay, ’cause I LOVE IT. This lipliner has become one of my staples in my everyday make-up routine and I think this will stay that way for quite some time too. This colour is timeless, it will look good in any season. It’s also a very neutral colour, so you can pair it with a lot of eye looks or different skintones. Although the lip pencil is a bit drying, I still really like this pencil. I definitely recommend it to anybody who’s on a lookout for a more unique version of an everyday ‘nude’ lip.

That’s it for this blogpost. Don’t forget to check in back later at 3 PM for my Sunday video! I hope you have a good lazy Sunday and I’ll talk to you later. My Sunday isn’t going to be lazy at all. I’m still freaking tired from yesterday and today I have to dance almost the whole day. Best and most fun workout ever, haha. Anyways, see ya soon!


xo Lilia



  1. June 21, 2015 / 10:49

    I think the color looks spectacular on you! It’s quite a difficult shade to pull off but it compliments your complexion beautifully. :D My favourite lip liner is “Pillow Talk” from Charlotte Tilbury, it’s fantastic!
    Romantiquely recently posted…My Tea-rrific Birthday

    • Lilia
      June 24, 2015 / 10:17

      Aw thank you! Yeah I heard great things about that one too, wanna try it out! xo

  2. January 26, 2016 / 20:26

    I really love your lip reviews and with this I bought whirl, boldly bare, taupe and persistence! I guess you love Sonya Esman too and I love her style too. I really love her lips in latest hair care routine video and I asked too it nobody know her lip product and usually she uses mac products but couldn’t find it.. Please help.. Kisses xo

    • Lilia
      February 4, 2016 / 08:05

      I know she always uses Boldly Bare, I don’t know about other colors! xo

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