Previous week I bought some new Catrice beauty products. Catrice is one of my favourite drugstore brands, so I was freaking excited when I heard they expanded their collection (at the Kruidvat next to my house, yayyy). Of course I had to inspect all the new things asap, so that’s what I did. And of course, I didn’t came back empty handed. So today I decided it would be fun to share my opinion about the stuff that I got. I’m going to talk about Catrice Smokey Eyes Volume Lashes, Catrice Lash Applicator and the Catrice Nude Illusion Make Up foundation. To answer your questions: yes, I love all of these products. Wanna know why? Well, keep reading then!

I’m first going to start of with the fake lashes and the lash applicator. I’m a pretty good lash applier (is that even a word) if I can say so myself, but I’m always on the lookout for items that will make it even easier for me to apply lashes. I always apply my lashes with tweezers or my fingers. I was searching for something that wasn’t as dangerous as tweezers (bye eyes) or as inaccurate as my fingers. So when I saw this lash applicator from Catrice, I had to try it.
So does it work? The lash applicator looks kinda like a tweezer, but instead of having a really sharp, slanted tip, it has a wide, rounded one. The curved tip makes it really easy to grab a lash, because they have the same curve. The lash applicator feels nice in your hands, because it’s made from a soft, rubberized material. The lashes in the picture are the new Catrice Smokey Eyes Volume Lashes. As you can see, the end of the lashes is more dramatic than the beginning. This gives your eyes that winged/cat eye illusion that I personally love. The lashes feel really natural, almost like they’re made out of real hair instead of plastic. The glue that I use is also from Catrice and it came together with the lashes.
For reference: this are my lashes with no falsies on (just mascara).

The curved tip of the lash applicater makes it also easy to apply your lashes. You have way more control over the lashes than with regular tweezers, because you have a bigger surface to put pressure on. You can apply your lashes more even that way. It’s also safer than using a sharp tweezer.

And this is how they look on! Natural right? You can really see the winged out effect that the lashes give to your eyes. I usually cut my lashes in half, but with these ones I don’t have to, because the beginning of the lashes is so natural.

Full face with the lashes. I’m really positive about the lashes and especially the lash applicator. They’re definitely a great buy! The lashes are really natural and beautiful, I think they would look good on everybody, but the lash applicator is the best thing ever if you ask me. I will never ever use normal tweezers to apply my lashes! This thing makes applying falsies so much easier and safer! Definitely a must for the false lashes rookies outta there ;). The glue that comes with the lashes is also nice. It’s not as great as the Primark lash glue, but it’s a good replacement if I’m out of glue and I can’t travel 1,5 hours to go to the Primark ;).

Now onto the Nude Illusion Make Up foundation from Catrice. Random fact, but I’m actually really proud of the way this picture turned out. I think it looks pretty good :). I used my new scarf as the backdrop (I will talk about it soon in my birthday presents haul!). I think the bottle looks chique and definitely not cheap. I also love the fact that the foundation has a pump, because it’s easy + hygienic.

I bought the colour 010 Nude Ivory. It’s the lightest colour and I think it’s a pretty good match. I still have a lil’ bit of a tan going on, so I can definitely rock it now. Don’t know how it’s going to be in the winter though, ’cause then I’m pale as fuck. The consistency is pretty thin and liquidy, which I like when it comes to foundation. Foundation shouldn’t be thick and cakey. You don’t need to cover everything with your foundation: those nasty spots are best covered with concealer!

And this is how it looks blended out on my hand (okay not really blended). It has a natural finish, because it’s not too matte and not too shiny. It also doesn’t really accentuate any veins, spots or dry patches. So far so good!

This is how my skin looks without any foundation, just primer spray + primer. I know, I have terrible skin and I’ve been struggling with it for ages. So please don’t mind the spots!

I applied the foundation using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I always use make up sponges to apply my foundation and concealer, because they give the most natural, skin like finish.

When I blended the foundation out, you can see that it has a really natural finish. You can’t see nor feel it sitting on your skin. The foundation is blendable and buildable. You can add a lot of layers without looking cakey. Of course, it doesn’t hide all my spots, but it does make them a bit less visible. I feel like this foundation is the perfect, natural base. The colour that I picked is also a pretty good match.

The finished result! I’m wearing the false lashes + the foundation here. I love how the lashes look. You can’t see that I’m wearing them right? I think my skin looks pretty good here as well, especially considering the fact that I have blemish prone skin. So yeah, I definitely recommened this foundation for girls that don’t need a lot of coverage. You can use this foundation with any skintype, because it doesn’t accentuate dry patches and it’s also not too glowy. Maybe if you have ridiciously oily skin, this foundation will be a bit too shiny for you, but all the other skintypes can definitely rock this baby. The colour selection is also okay, because they have relatively natural looking colours (they have a couple of colours with a pinkish undertone, which is sooo hard to find, because everything is always yellow based). Only if you’re dark skinned or really fair like me in the winter, there isn’t a suitable shade for you. The foundation is also not that long lasting. I feel like it will look good for 6 hours, but after that it gets a bit too oily. I don’t really mind, because I always wear this foundation when I want to go for a natural look, without thinking too much about blending out my foundation for ageees.

That’s it for today’s review. I’m so freaking tired, because today I was running up and down different stores to get a lot of shit like lamps, light bulbs and mirrors. Two of my lamps broke and I hate darkness. I always have really bright lamps in my room, otherwise I feel like I’m falling asleep, haha. Anyways, I had to go to Coolblue, Ikea, Praxis, Action, Hema, Men at Work and Gamma to get all the things that I needed (my printer was also broke and I also got some more interior stuff). Now I need to clean up the mess that I made and start doing the serious shit: homework. Wish me luck, like always.
xo Lilia


  1. October 15, 2014 / 23:21

    Nice to hear that the eyelash helper is really enriching your lashlife! Oh you should search for energy saving bulbs, really hard to find cause everyone is going to LED.

    • October 18, 2014 / 22:24

      yeah i’m totally loving it! i bought energy saving ones btw 🙂 xo

  2. October 16, 2014 / 09:04

    The false lashes look great indeed! Also, can I say I love your necklace 🙂

  3. May 30, 2023 / 05:22

    Great product!
    I appreciate the informative and engaging manner in which you have presented it, including instructions on how to use it effectively.

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