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Yeah, it’s review time, again! I know I’ve been killing you with an overload of reviews lately, but it’s just that I have so many products to talk about, still. Today’s review is going to be about the & Other Stories Face Contour Cream. I already featured in my September faves, so you can already guess that I’m really positive about this product. I’m a real contouring freak. I love doing it and I think it takes your make up to the next level. Only downside, is that it’s extremely hard to pull off if you don’t have really visible or prominent cheekbones, like me. It can often look like dirt on your face in stead of the sexy Kim Kardashian look. What can I say, practice makes perfect, the right product is also important. So yeah, let’s talk contouring guys!


This is how the packagine looks. Really simple and clean, I like that shit! The only thing was that the pan of the product wasn’t glued properly to the plastic packaging, so it fell out of it one time. Luckily I could fix it easily with some superglue, but I do think that things like that shouldn’t happen to products.


Swatch time! As you can see, this product is so creamy and pigmented! You just need a little when you’re using it, otherwise you will get weird dark spots on your face which is not that cute, haha.¬† A little goes a long way! The colour is also perfect: it’s cool toned, but has still a lil’ bit of warmth to it. This colour is definitely perfect if you’re also white trash like me haha.


This is how my face looks when I don’t have any cheek products on (no blush, contour or highlighter, just concealer and foundation). I feel like my face looks flat and that I even look a bit sick, haha. This is exactly the reason why I always use blush etc.


Really cute selfie, I know lol, but this is how I apply my contour. I’m not gonna talk details now in this blogpost, because I want to make a whole video about how I contour really soon. So if you wanna know how you can contour properly even if you don’t have visible cheekbones, stay tuned! I’m working on it ;).


This is how the face contour cream looks all blended out. Looks good right? Way better than in the previous picture, haha ;). It still looks natural, so people won’t notice that you’ve contoured your face, but you can see way more definition in my face. And the colour is also a perfect match!


I still feel like my face isn’t ‘finished’ yet. I always add some blush and highlighter. I think it brings the life back into my face, haha!


Close up of the contour together with cream blush¬†+ creamy highlighter (cream overload lol). Prettiness! I also find cream products really long lasting. The & Other Stories Face Contour Cream definitely stays on my face all day and it won’t slide, because it has a bit of powdery finish (not too much, it still looks creamy, which I prefer). I have a combination skin, so it’s oily and dry at the same time. I definitely recommend this product for oily and dry skin peeps, because the consistency is not too drying/powdery, but it’s also not too creamy/oily. Perfect balance!


And this is the finished result! Do you see the difference? I think I have way more depth in my face now. Of course, the & Other Stories Face Contour Cream can’t replace beautiful bonestructure, but I still think it makes a hella difference to your face. Especially when you add a blush and a highlighter. So yeah, that’s it for this review! I definitely recommend this product. It’s pigmented, yet it gives a really natural finish to your face. It lasts all day, a little goes a long way and it defines my cheekbones perfectly! And the colour match is also really good. I think there aren’t a lot of creamy contour products on the market, which is a shame. But this one is real good one! I love it and I will definitely repurchase if I finish it.xo Lilia



  1. October 3, 2014 / 18:57

    I hear you, a pan should stick! It is so pigmented and creamy and it really looks good on you, much more defined.

  2. October 4, 2014 / 20:34

    Hier was ik heel benieuwd naar, ziet er heel goed uit! Mooi geblend ook!

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