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A couple of weeks back, I went to the Primark and I bought a lot of beauty related stuff. I decided it would be cool and interesting and helpful and swag (haha just kidding) to review the products that I bought. Because there were a lot of products, I decided to make 2 collective reviews. If you wanna read the first one about their eye liner and false lashes, click here. So this is going to be part 2, where I’m gonna talk about their Primark’s cleansing wipes and their hair chalk.


First I’m going to talk about the Primark Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes for Sensitive Skin. I don’t have sensitive skin, but I wanted to have the mildest make-up wipes they had, ’cause usually they make my eyes burn. So I don’t have sensitive skin, but the skin around my eyes is very sensitive. The skin on the rest of my face is an extreme version of combination skin. I have dry patches and spots, my skin can be flaky and oily at the same time. Yeah, it’s fucking hard to find skincare and make-up that doesn’t accentuate my dry spots and doesn’t clog my pores. I don’t know anybody who has such difficult skin as I do. So you can say that I can test skinproducts for people with dry, oily and combination skin, ’cause girl, I have it all haha.


But enough about my skintype. The cleansing wipes were €1,50 for 2 packs that contained 25 wipes, which is a very good price I think. I also like the packaging, looks cute! It also says that it doesn’t contains alcohol, which can irritate your skin. The wipes are pretty moist, which I find very important. If they aren’t moist they won’t remove your make-up at all. The wipes are also normal in size, not big and not small.


Not the prettiest pic, but here you can see the wipes in action: it does remove quite some make-up, but getting your mascara off (and especially if it’s waterproof) is still a struggle with these wipes. And, unfortunately, they burned my eyes :(. It wasn’t super bad, but I still felt an unpleasant tingly sensation. So yeah, not that sensitive skin proof Primark…

So yeah, they do remove your make-up, but they aren’t the best. I think you can find better make-up remover wipes, that also won’t sting your eyes. If you’re very curious you can try them though, ’cause they aren’t so bad that they’re useless if you know what I mean. I still use them to remove my lipcolour or to clean my brushes or hands very quickly.


The second thing that I’m gonna review is this Colour Your Hair Hairchalk. I always wanted to try the dip-dye trend, but I never gave in. So yeah, I know that I’m kinda late to this, but yolo! When I saw this straightener kind of thing, I thought it looked really cool, so I bought it. It was €5,-, which is kinda expensive I think, but I wanted to try the dip-dye trend so badly, so I still got it. Should’ve left it though.


You get two different colours of chalk, a light blue one and a pink one. And of course you can also mix the two colours to get a lilac colour. I think the packaging looked so handy, ’cause you usually see these hair chalks in a little ball form. I thought the straightener like model would make it easier to coat your hair with the chalk, but unfortunately it didn’t work properly. As you can see in the picture, the little chalk pieces break off, so they don’t fit in the straightener anymore and become kinda useless. So yeah, cool idea Primark, but it doesn’t work!


And unfortunately the colour pay-off of the chalk is also very crappy. On the left you can see the blue chalk, on the right the pink one. Well, ‘see’, you can’t see anything at all! My hair just looks a little bit lighter, but it also makes it look more frizzy. Too bad, but this product just doesn’t work.

So yeah, not the most positive collective review, but I’m always honest with you guys! I think there are a lot of postive reviews out there, even about products that aren’t that special or something. I’m not that easily satisified, so I’m not gonna write positive things about an average product (or a bad product of course). I love the Primark, but please skip these two products, ’cause they’re not worth your money. The hair chalk is just crap, and the make-up wipes aren’t that amazing and sting your eyes. But I hope you still enjoyed reading this collective review, despite the not so amazing products!

xoxo Lilia



    • April 20, 2014 / 08:41

      haha ja, helaas werkt het dus niet echt! wel fijn dat het bij jou wel werkte! x

  1. Hannah spelman
    July 24, 2016 / 23:50

    The wipes made my face burn and i have sensative skin so yeah!! they dont work at all!!

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