I just finished with my exams. I had two today, and I’m tired as hell. I still have one exam to go and then I’m finally free! So yeah, bare with me, because until the 6th of June I won’t be posting that regular. But after that I’m gonna go hard, haha!

So anyways, a while ago, I bought some fake lashes and kohl eye liner at Primark (if you wanna see the haul video I did about it, click!). I thought it would be interesting for you guys to review them! It’s always nice to read reviews about cheap products and discovering new things you want to try out, right? Today I’m going to review two pairs of false lashes, the Volume ones and the Sultry ones. I actually already did a review about the Sultry ones (click here!), but I didn’t really like the photos of the final result that I took in that review, so I decided to make some new ones for you. Also, I wanted you to see the difference between the two lashes a bit better. I’m also going to review the Kohl Eye Liner from Primark. So if you’re interested in my opinion about these products, keep reading :).


I’m gonna start off with the Primark Kohl Eye Liner. I don’t remember the exact price of this, but it couldn’t be that much, because it’s Primark haha. The eye liner has a shape of a kohl kajal pencil, the traditional OG version of a eye liner pencil. I think the packaging looks really pretty, and definitely not cheap.


So this is how the eye liner looks. The shape makes it very easy to line your lower and upper waterline. Especially lining your upper waterline (or tightlining) can be really tricky with a regular pencil, but this shape of eye liner makes it way easier.


And this is how it looks when it swatched on my hand. In this picture it looks kinda okay, but trust me: in real life it was pretty crappy and I was really disappointed. I expected great things of this liner, because I had a kohl kajal like this from another brand, that I really loved.


And this is how it looks on my eyes. Again, in the picture it looks kinda okay (don’t mind my messy/almost no make up face by the way), but in real life it wasn’t a true, rich black. It almost looked like a grey on my waterline, not cute at all. So yeah, I really didn’t like this kohl eye liner and I wouldn’t buy it again, definitely. Don’t recommend it!


So now onto the lashes! I have two pairs of lashes I wanna talk about, the Sultry ones and the Volume ones. Because I already kinda reviewed the Sultry ones, I’m gonna start of with the Volume lashes. They were both €1,50 by the way, very cheap! They also come with a little tube of adhesive, that is actually really good! It keeps my lashes in place all day (and night!) and it doesn’t have an aweful smell like most lash glues have. Yeah, the glue is really good!


Okay, these lashes really suck. They were waaaaaay too dramatic for me. I first tried them on without cutting them in half, but they looked aweful. After cutting them in half, it was still way too heavy for me. I trimmed them a bit (and I kinda failed at it as well haha, as you can see), and they still looked like crap. The lashes are just way too full and don’t look natural at all. I like a dramatic lash, but it needs to be proportionate to your eyes, otherwise it doesn’t look good. And these lashes aren’t. Nope, don’t recommend them as well.


So yeah, that leaves me with these last pair of lashes, the Sultry ones. You already know that I love these babies, but now I have some prettier pictures to show you why! ‘Cause damn, don’t these lashes look absolutely beautiful and natural? My lashes look full, but you can’t notice the fakeness of them as well. Perfect! Only thing is that I have to cut them in half or 3/4, otherwise it’s still too dramatic for me (it’s just because I have such round/almond shaped eyes, most people won’t have a problem with it though). So yeah, definitely recommend these lashes, I already bought them 3 times… Oops, haha.


Full shot of me wearing the Sultry lashes, so priiiitty!


I hope you enjoyed reading this collective review and found it somewhat helpful! Primark beauty products can be really tricky to buy as I have noticed. I loved their Natural Look and Sultry lashes, but the other products that I’ve tried were kinda crappy. Guess it’s just really important to read reviews before you buy the products, haha ;).

xoxo Lilia



  1. May 29, 2014 / 08:51

    Your eyes are so beautiful!

  2. May 29, 2014 / 09:57

    Ondanks dat jij de wimpers niet mooi vindt, vind ik ze toch wel onwijs vet. Eerder voor een feestje hoor! Maar je kan het goed hebben!

    • May 29, 2014 / 22:17

      ah dankjewel, lief van je! ik zou ze persoonlijk ook niet op een feestje dragen, ze waren echt te full on haha. x

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