Finally I’m going to show you my opinion about the W7 In The Buff Natural Nudes Eye Colour palette. I’ve showed you this palette in my summer beauty haul video (click!) and I also featured it in one of my recent fotd (click!). So you must be curious about what I think of this palette. In this review I will show you swatches of all the eyeshadow colours and give you my thoughts on them. I use eyeshadow almost everyday. It’s kinda funny, because I used to think eyeshadow wasn’t a real necessary step and I felt like I overdid when I wore a lot of eye make up to (high) school. You know, black eyeliner and mascara was fine, but when you wore eyeshadow or a bold lip, I used to get comments like ‘what happened to your face’ and shit. Now everything changed, because I wear eyeshadow (or bold lips) whenever I want and I literally don’t give a fuck anymore. If I’m in a hurry I usually skip eyeshadow, so it’s still not a necessity for me, but on most days I’ll be rocking it. Anyways, let’s get going with the review!


First, let’s talk packaging. The palette has a metal case, which makes it look similar to the Naked 2 and 3 palettes. It’s simple and sturdy, I like it!


And this is how it looks open, pretty! This palette got a lot of neutral colours, not natural colours. The difference is that neutral colours are colours that are toned down, no bright pink or something. Natural colours are colours that aren’t that visible, they often look like your skin and are matte. This palette has a lot of shimmery (or sheeny, it’s not real glitter) neutral colours. The palette has a couple of matte colours, but that’s it. I’m actually more into matte colours than into shimmery colours, but I do like to use more shimmery colours in the summer.

The palette also comes with a double sided brush. I don’t really like the sponge applicator, but the brush on the other side is nice. I especially love it for highlighting; it can give you a really clean and sharp, highlighting line/edge, which is pretty underneath your brows or in your inner corner.


On the back you can see all the names of the colours and the ingredients of the eyeshadows. I’m not a chemist, but I do know a bit about ingredients of products, just because I like to go in depth with the products that I buy. The first ingredient of this palette is mica, which is a way more expensive ingredient than for example talc. A lot of cheap eyeshadows that aren’t that pigmented and don’t last that long are made from talc. Mica is a more pigmented ingredient, so props for W7 for using it!


Some close ups of all the colours. The palette is pretty versatile, because it has not only cool, but also a couple of warm eyeshadows. Also, the palette has some light and some darker shades as well. I think this palette would be perfect for somebody who’s in high school or uni, because the colours are ‘mature’ yet not boring because of the use of shimmer (and that’s why this palette isn’t the best I think for the office).

Now onto the good stuff, the swatches!


Okay, I never thought I would say this, but swatching is actually kinda hard haha. You have to hold your arm in a weird angle and you need to make sure your swatches look similar (same length, same distance), so it’s much more work than I expected it to be. As you can see, the colours are pretty pigmented (look at that black!), even the lighter colours. You can definitely make a nice eye make up look with these eyeshadows. They’re not the most pigmented I’ve ever seen, but they’re good.


And this is how the palette looks after one use. It’s always interesting to see how crumble-y the eyeshadows are after one use. These eyeshadows weren’t the softest ever (they were still pretty soft though), so they didn’t crumble that much. Yup, definitely digging these eyeshadows!


This is how the eyeshadow looks on my eyes, pretty and pigmented! I already posted a face of the day using this palette, you can check it out here if you haven’t seen it yet.


I hope you found this review helpful! I definitely recommend this palette for peeps that love relatively neutral, cool toned (and a couple of warm toned) eyeshadow that’s a bit shimmery. I think this palette would be perfect for make up beginners, because it has a lot of easy colours that can be worn alone (for example the golden colours), so you don’t have to fuss around with brushes. It’s also really cheap (€7!) and I think the quality of the eyeshadows are way better than the price lets you think. To be honest, they cannot compare to the real deal. Although I don’t have the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, I do have Naked 1, Naked Basics and now also Naked 3 (yay!) and those eyeshadows are just way better. But if you don’t have the money to get the real deal, this palette is a good second choice that will not disappoint you.

xo Lilia



  1. July 30, 2014 / 14:00

    Fijne review! Ik heb dit palette afgelopen weekend zien liggen en heb hem toen omdat ik twijfelde niet meegenomen. Nu heb ik spijt!

  2. December 10, 2015 / 22:48

    I love this post! I wrote a review on the In the Nude palette today on my blog my only problem was with the packaging the amazon seller sent me :/ My tin didn’t have any ribbon accents or the gold color it was just a plain taupe with bronze lettering but I loved the palette overall!

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