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I don’t know how, why and when, but I do know that it happened: I’ve become a real home decor fanatic. Over the last couple of months I accumalted a lot of freaking cute items that I really wanted to show you. Some of them were purchased, but other ones are diy. My room hasn’t changed that much that I wanted to make a whole new Room Tour, but I did add some amazing pieces that are worth blogging about. So yeah, that’s how this Home Decor Update blogpost was born ;). I’m warning you, I have a looooot of stuff to show you, so sit back and relax, ’cause this post is going to be a long one. Enjoy!


Well, let’s start! The first thing that you seen when you come into my room is this little stool with some rose gold baskets on them. In the big basket I always keep my most worn scarf (and, no surprise, of course that’s my Monki grid scarf) and it’s from H&M Home. The 2 other glass baskets/pots are actually from a particular dessert. I thought they were so cute that I didn’t want to throw them away. I grabbed my rose gold spray paint and transformed them into an earphone and key holder!


This is probably the biggest change in my room and I’m totally obsessed with it. I finally made the perfect make-up vanity that I always dreamed about. I wanted it for sooo long and now it’s just chilling in my room (started from the bottom now where here!). It feels kinda surreal, haha. I already owned the vanity (it’s from Ikea), but I added the lights and the mirror to complete it. They’re both from Ikea as well. Would you like me to do a make-up vanity tour + make-up collection by the way?


A make-up vanity wouldn’t be complete with some cute knick-knacks. I got this marbled jar from H&M Home recently and I think it looks so nice with the other jar from Zara Home! In the white one I keep my cotton buds and in the marble one I keep my cotton rounds.


I also updated my clothing rack. Kinda funny, I always wanted to have a clothing rack and a proper make-up vanity in my room and now I have both, #blessed. As you can see, my clothing rack looks pretty winter proof with all the knits and turtlenecks, so I will be doing a What’s On My Clothing Rack video soon. I also keep my Alexander Wang x H&M bag + my Alexander Wang shoebox behind my clothing rack. I’m just so proud of those 2 purchases and the bags keep reminding me of that, haha.


I already showed you some pics in my Top 5 Fall Essentials blogpost, but I think that candles are a musthave in the colder months. It makes your room so cozy and it makes everything smell good. Some of the candles or candleholders are pretty old, but I did got some new ones as well. The three minimal, geometric candleholders are new for example. I got them from a really cool vintage shop in Groningen, but the brand is called Bloomingville. Also, the geometric candleholder on the right is from Flying Tiger and the awesome lizard is from Zara Home that I got in the sale. I wanted to achieve a messy-yet-very-stylish clutter and I think I kinda nailed it, do you agree? Next to my candles I keep some random bottles with fake flowers. I thought it added a nice touch to the little table.


Who isn’t totally in love with these cute little cacti right? I think they look so nice in my windowsill. When I was a kid, we always had a huuuuge cactus in our house and I always wanted to touch it. It always ended up with my mom taking all of the needles out of my finger with a tweezer, which wasn’t that nice, haha. Now I know better, but damn: they look so huggable right? All of the cacti that you see are from Ikea.


I’m sooo happy with how this diy turned out! I spray painted these bottles rose gold and I think they look so freaking designer-ish now, haha. I used some rose gold spray from Karwei and used washi tape to make the straight lines. I think I used 3/4 coats to get it opaque! They’re from Xenos by the way, but you can do it with any bottle. Because I don’t really like the look of empty bottles, I added these weird pastely fake flowers thingies from Ikea. Wow, that was the most awesome description ever, lol.


I have three windowsills, so that’s why I have a lot of space for cute little decorations like this one. I think this is my most Christmas-y decoration of my whole room, haha. I got some pinecones and put them in a little tray from Action together with these two candleholders made from crystal. Simple yet cute right?


Gosh, I’m totally in love with these decorations. I think the cotton ball flowers look amazing together with the huge crystals. Really fall/winter proof if you ask me! And the cotton flowers just photograph amazingly. The vase is from Men@Work by the way. It looks like 3 different bottles, but they’re actually glued together, which was pretty genius if you ask me.


Next to my couch I keep this rose gold basket, also from Men@Work, for my cosy blanket from Zara Home. I like to read or blog chilling on my couch and I love to cuddle up in this blanket whenever I’m cold.


Ah, I’m also pretty proud with this setup. It’s actually a mix and match of a lot of jewelry-containing-bowls, but I love it! The marble plates are from H&M Home and I just got them. I think they look so stylish and they totally make my marble loving heart beat faster ;). I keep my vintage inspired rings on the right plate and the random rings on the left plate. The rose gold box is from H&M Home and I keep my minimal knuckle rings in there. It think the rose gold together with the white and marble is a really pretty combination. The two bigger bowls are both from Zara Home and I keep my bracelets in the left and some bigger rings in the right bowl (and look at the cute turtle by the way!). The little rose gold lantern is from Flying Tiger and the photoframe is from H&M Home.


I have an open closet/cupboard, so I like to decorate a couple of shelves to make it a bit more unique. I painted this letter L white (it was black) and I think it looks really cool. It’s from Flying Tiger and it was so cheap! The skull bottle is also freaking badass and I got it from Xenos. I also have this minimal photoframe standing in the back with one of my favourite quotes.


I also have a shelf with these two candles from Zara Home and a cute lamp from Ikea. I think they kinda look alike, as if they were ment to be together, haha!


And on another shelf I have some books together with this rose gold basket (I know, I looove rose gold baskets) from H&M Home. To spice things up, I added this frenchie piggybank from New Look that I spray painted rose gold. It was such a pain in the ass to paint it though, because it kept dripping. Lastly I also put my lovely Diptyque candle here.


I’m very happy that I could get my hands on this clipboard from Ikea. It was actually the ‘showmodel’, but I convinced the peeps working there that they had to sell it to me. I bought it for 50 cents, because it was a bit damaged. Nice deal right! I use it as my planner for my blog (you can read more about it here).Β  Next to the clipboard I have a candle that smells absolutely delicious. It’s from Ikea and it smells like really good Christmas cookies!


Okay guys, we’re almost at the end, no worries, haha! These two birds are actually flower vases, but because the porcelain is so delicate, I just use them as decorations. I also have some fragrance sticks from Rituals to make my home smell nice. I think it’s sooo important that your place smells nice, so I always have a lot of scented candles and fragrance sticks in my room.


Last item! It’s this diy mesh panel clipboard. It was pretty hard to make this one, because I had to cut it in a certain size and cutting mesh it pretty hard. But I’m so happy with the results! It’s pretty empty now, but I like that way. I still want to add a polaroid picture as well, but I haven’t figured out how to take proper pictures with my Polaroid 1000 Land Camera yet, because they all turned out pretty blurry and dark. Tips are welcome!

Well, that was a lot of stuff, wasn’t it? As you can see, I still have the all white errthang theme going on, but I do like to spice things up with some rose gold items. I think rose gold and white is such a pritty combination! Now I’m going to edit a video that I want to upload tomorrow (it’s a loooot of work, pff) and chill out a bit. I had a figure skating competition this whole day and I didn’t expect to be home so late (that’s why I’m posting this blogpost only now). I ended up as 10/24 so I’m pretty pleased! I haven’t been so busy with figure skating lately, because I have so much other, usually more important shit to do. It’s still nice to skate though πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend guys!

xo Lilia

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  1. December 20, 2014 / 22:18

    die roze pitbull (zelf spuiten, wat slim!) en die vogeltjes zijn zoooo cute! Vraagje over dat rek (want dat zie ik wel vaker op blogs…): doe je daar alleen de kleding op die je in de nabije toekomst draagt, en hou je de rest in een kast? of is dat echt al je kleding? altijd afgevraagd haha πŸ˜€

    • December 22, 2014 / 22:04

      Haha, tis eigenlijk een Franse Bulldog πŸ™‚ Maar dankjewel! En nee, ik heb meer kleding dan op het rek. Vaak houd ik mijn kleding die niet in het seizoen past + basic shirtjes en broeken in mijn kast. Op mijn rek heb ik meer seizoensgebonden, nieuwe of favo kleding hangen πŸ™‚ xo

  2. December 20, 2014 / 22:47

    Wat een super leuke kamer heb jij zeg! Vooral jouw make-up hoekje super mooi, om jaloers van te worden. Ik heb die lampen al wel bij de Ikea gezien, misschien dat ik ze toch ook maar eens moet halen πŸ˜‰ Een ‘tour’ van je make-up tafel lijkt me erg leuk!

    • December 22, 2014 / 22:06

      aww lief, dankjewel! en komt eraan, waarschijnlijk komt een tour deze week online πŸ™‚ xo

  3. December 20, 2014 / 23:05

    superleuk en gezellig kamer zeg

  4. November 19, 2015 / 21:46

    I’m the senior marketing specialist at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago, and we’re interested in using a photo from this blog post on our website, to highlight one of our winter trends; rose gold home accessories. We will be providing proper credit and linking directly back to your website. Please feel free to contact me if this is at all an issue and we will gladly remove the content.

    Thanks so much,

    • Lilia
      November 20, 2015 / 20:31

      Hi, could you please send me an email? xo

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