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I thought it would be fun to post my wishlist with all the things I want for the spring of 2014. Just a disclaimer before we get into the post: there’s a lot on my wishlist. And I don’t really anything of it of course. I wouldn’t mind having this in my closet though. It’s okay to make wishes right? Everything on this wishlist is spring related, so be ready to see a lot of pastels. There’s also a bit of interior shit going on, because I can’t wait to start decoration my new studio! So yeah, hope you enjoy, let’s go!

The first thing on my wishlist is the thing that I want the most probably. It’s this baby blue coat from Choies. I was looking for a coat like this for ages, so I was so happy when I found it on Choies. I wanted to order it immediately, but then I saw that it was sold fucking out. BUMMER! Because it’s totally the perfect coat. I wanted a boxy, oversized one, that wouldn’t be too big for my petite body. This coat has a bit of a blazer vibe going on, petite girls should be able to rock it more easily, because it has a bit of a curve to it (while other boxy coats are just straight). Also, I’m really obsessed over this colour. It’s a baby blue colour, but with a hint of lavender to it, without being to purple. A-ma-zing. So I hope it’s going to be back in stock soon (or ever for that matter), because it’s exactly what I wanted.

Staying in the blue theme, I also really like this cropped, baby blue sweater from Topshop. It’s not the exact baby blue tone that I like, but it’s still pretty close. I also like the fluffy texture of it (duh!). And because it’s cropped, it would be perfect to wear during the spring.
And this is another blue sweater that I like. The colour isn’t as perfect though, but I like the knitted pattern that it has. This one is from Asos. It also has a high neckline, which I’m really into at the moment when it comes to sweaters.
The most perfect bag ever. The Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle bag in rose gold. Do I have to explain this to you? Probably not, because it’s a true beauty. Too bad that it’s a bit (well actually a lot of ‘bits’) too expensive for me. I also on the lookout for a new minimalistic bag in general. I’m really into simple bags, but most of my bags aren’t minimalistic at all. I just haven’t found the perfect one yet. I like the ones they had at Zara, but lately they haven’t been that nice.
As you know, I’m getting ready to move again, so I’m really into decorations for interior. Because I have an all white theme going on and I love my textures, I thought this cushion from H&M would be perfect for on my couch or bed.
I also really like this one. It’s also from H&M and I already have the same one in a red colour, but I use it in my old room (and it doesn’t match my new room, troublesss).

And how cute is this one? It’s white and it has a fucking cute frenchie on it! I really want this pillow, it’s also from H&M. Haven’t you noticed how cute the stuff is from H&M Home?
How fucking cute is this outfit? I think the skirt is the most perfect leather skirt there is. I think leather skirts can often look cheap and slutty, but this one looks very chic and sophisticated. It’s the Saline skirt from Ivy Revel. I also really like the top the girl is wearing and the combination of the two items together.
I only have one beauty related thing on my wishlist, but it’s a hell of a beauty: the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I already have the Naked 1 palette and the Naked Basics palette, but this one is so pretty as well. Especially because it has rose gold tones, so you know I want it, haha.
Well that’s my spring wishlist for 2014. Of course, there is also something like a new camera for my blog, but that’s not very spring related haha. Do you have a wishlist for spring? Please tell me in the comments below?
xoxo Lilia


  1. March 24, 2014 / 08:31

    Well I certainly wouldn’t mind a Naked 3 palette. Those white pillows a very romantic and nice that you are getting the studio! That blue fuzzy sweater is really you (I guess) nice addition to the fuzzines in you closet.

    • March 28, 2014 / 22:43

      Haha yeah who would right? And thank you, I’m so happy with it, can’t wait to start moving :). and haha you know me, you’re totally right haha! x

  2. March 24, 2014 / 21:06

    Superleuke items! Vooral die kussentjes zijn erg leuk!

    • March 28, 2014 / 22:43

      haha ja ik ook, zo stom dat ie uitverkocht is 🙁

  3. April 2, 2014 / 07:33

    Ik kom voor het eerst op je blog en wat ziet het er goed uit! Superleuke wishlist ook! Die jas heeft echt een te gekke kleur. Ik ben tijden verliefd geweest op die mintgroene jas van Sheinside die alle fashionbloggers hebben haha, maar die is ook al tijden uitverkocht, mwehh. X

    • April 2, 2014 / 08:12

      ah dankjewel, lief van je! ja die mintgroene jas heb ik ook gespot, die is idd ook echt heel mooi! x

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